Addiction Recovery Services

Hi, my name is Terri Veliz, and I provide addiction recovery services in Denver. I am the first independent addiction recovery support specialist, trained by Colorado Mental wellness Network has continued training by CCAR as a Recovery Coach and is a WRAP Facilitator. I also have 2 years’ experience working on Colorado’s only support line. My clients value my discreet, committed and flexible approach to facilitating change in their lives and leverage their success with our collaborative work.

Peer Specialist

What is a Peer Specialist? Peer support specialist is an individual who has achieved recovery and uses his or her lived experience in trauma, substance use disorder, (to include prescription misuse), and/or mental health conditions to assist others. My significant life-altering experience combined with the required training, certification and experience working with peers allows me to provide a unique support to people struggling with the same issues. Are you in need of addiction recovery support in the Denver metro area? Contact me. I have compassion, am non-judgmental and passionate about recovery and support. I am a truth teller, motivator and cheerleader and will help with life skills and community connections to help build support and bonding relationships.

Recovery coach?

What is recovery coaching? Recovery coaching involves collaboration between me and my peer working together as a team to reach the desired goals, which are peer-centered and strength based. As a coach I employ various techniques to help facilitate the process of achieving the desired changes.

It’s been said that only an addict can help another addict. In my experience this is a true statement. If you’ve never been there you can’t possibly understand and that’s OK. If you don’t understand stop trying and be grateful. Your job is to take care of you and realize that you may not the one who is necessarily going to be able to be that support person. Go back to being their friend or family member and allow me to help.

Concerned Family And Friends

I also work with concerned family members, and friends to help them come to an understanding of how their need, Colorado drug freewhich often comes understandably from their sense of responsibility to “fix” or “save” their loved one can actually be contributing to the hopelessness and helplessness of the individual. By validating that you’re there is real and concerns are valid, but guilt and shame are often times misplaced they too could learn to set healthy boundaries and get back to taking care of themselves thereby creating a healthy example to all involved.

It takes a lot of courage to take the first step toward recovery for you or a loved one and it can be overwhelming, I know because I’ve been there. Going through the process is the bravest thing I have ever done and I couldn’t done it without family, friends and support from those who have walked before me. Now I’m here for you. I can provide support and answer your questions, my addiction recovery services will empower you to achieve your goals.